The aim is to find the longest word that you can using nine random letters. You may use each letter once only.
You pick nine letters by clicking on the random piles of vowels and consonants. The number of cards of each letter roughly corresponds to the letter's frequency in English.
When the final letter has been picked, the Countdown Clock starts to tick. During this time, or after it, you can spell out your word, by clicking on the letters on the top row.
Clicking the last letter moved to the bottom row will move it back to the top row. Clicking the Reject button will move all the letters back to the top row.
When you are satisfied with the word spelled, click the accept button. The word is then checked against the dictionary, which is the ENABLE list (see Credits page). This list is quite comprehensive, and contains both UK and US spellings.
If the word is in the dictionary, you score as many points as there are letters in your word, except that a 9 letter word scores 18 points. If the word is not is the dictionary, you score zero.
You then move on the to next round.

Note that when playing the full game, the letters are used up as you go through. In practise mode, the full selection of letters (see Credits page) is used each time.

The aim is to reach a random number (100 – 999) by using six other random numbers and the four simple operators: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You do not have to use every number, although you may not use the same number twice.
The numbers that are used to reach the total are of two types; there are four ‘big numbers’, namely 25, 50, 75 and 100, in the top row, and two each of the numbers 1 to 10 in the other rows.
When six numbers have been selected, click the Select button. The chosen numbers will then be displayed, followed by the target number, and the clock starts ticking.
When the thirty seconds are up, you declare your total. Clicking the Solve button before time is up will cut out the wait, if the calculation is easy.
When entering your achieved target, DO NOT press enter. You must click the Submit button.
If your total is within 10 of the target, you must then show your calculation: click on a number, then on an operator, then another number, to display a subtotal in the work area. You can then use the subtotal in a further calculation. When you have reached your declared total, you will be awarded points as below. If you make a mistake, you may click the Abandon button and score no points. Subtotals must be positive whole numbers; negative or fractional answers will result in a score of 0.
Be careful, as you are not allowed to take back your working.
Scoring is worked out as follows:
HIT THE TARGET 10 points
WITHIN FIVE 7 points
WITHIN TEN 5 points

Click the Reveal button to display a scrambled nine-letter word, followed by the clock.
You must spell out the answer, the original nine-letter word, in the bottom row, as for the letters round, then click the Accept button.
After about 35 seconds (to allow you a little more spelling time), whatever you have in the second row is automatically accepted.
The list of 9 letter words used for the conundrum has been edited to remove those which are anagrams of each other, e.g. ASCERTAIN and SECTARIAN, so there should be no ambiguity in the answer.

Note that at present, the 30 second time limit is enforced only in the conundrum round. In the letters and numbers rounds, it is there just as an indication. I may add some enforcement at a future date.

There are fifteen rounds as follows:
4 letter rounds
1 number round
4 letter rounds
1 number round
3 letter rounds
1 number round
1 conundrum round